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One of the most important principles of wedding dress shopping you must take with you when visiting a bridal salon is ‘thinking outside the box’.

What I mean by this is go in with an open mind.  Try on different styles to find which best flatters your figure.  Once you’ve found the style that works for you, you can focus on the finer details.   Now that you know where you’re heading with shape its time to think about the neckline you dreamed of, the lace detail you had envisaged and the corseted back you had pictured your bridesmaids lacing you into on the morning of the wedding.

OK so the dress you have found has a sweetheart neckline but no lace up back, quick stick it back on the rails and move on, but everything else about this dress is just right, such a shame…..

At Copplestones Bridal you have the luxury of fantastic seamstresses in store to help you make that beautiful dress into the dress of your dreams.  From simple fittings right through to complete transformations, Maxine and Angela have a wealth of experience in altering gowns to make them just a little extra special.

Please take a look at just a couple of examples of their wizardry.


Just a few subtle changes above.  See if you can spot them?  I’m sure you’ll agree the dress has been fitted beautifully.


Not so subtle this time.  A gorgeous gown with a corseted back altered to create this stunning backless emerald green dress.  A complete transformation.


I’m convinced witchcraft was used here.  This little bit of black magic generated a lot interest in when it was posted to our Facebook page and you can see why.  Take one A-line dress, wave a magic wand over it and abracadabra, you have a stunning mermaid/fishtail gown ideal for an amazing destination wedding.

If you take anything away from the above it should be that dress you have been day dreaming about doesn’t have to cost a couple of thousand pounds.  If you pop down and have a chat with the Copplestones Bridal girls, with a little creativity and an open mind you can get your dream dress for well under £1000.

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