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Goldilocks was right – you need to try something first!

The Daily Mail says “Beware the online discount wedding dresses: Angry brides share knock-off nightmares after buying gowns that looked stunning online but are HIDEOUS in real life

  • A growing number of websites offer cheap copies of designer gowns from China
  • But brides often disappointed when real dress looks nothing like original 
  • ‘Beading’ often turns out to be applique and ‘pure silk’ is cheap polyester
  • Many complain that the dresses are impossible to return” 

Goldilocks was right – you need to try something first!

Have a look at the following horrors. The Photo on the left was what was promised and the one on the right was what arrived

24AC939000000578-2909093-image-a-5_1421196283853 24AC93C500000578-2909093-image-m-8_1421232664610 24AC94A100000578-2909093-image-m-6_1421232597837 24AC931500000578-2909093-Left_What_the_bride_expected_Right_What_arrived_on_the_doorstep_-m-3_1421228496745
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