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BRIDES_right_dress_250We recently wrote a blog about which shape will suit your figure best!
If you have already had a look at the post here are the reasons why we recommend this shape for you…

1) Empire shapes– Great for all body types and perfect for triangle, inverted triangle body types. Have a high waisted bodice. This high waisted bodice will come in around your waist and the long skirt will make you look taller and give the illusion of curves to a straight figure.

2) Princess line/ short-– Princess line will bring you in at the waist and flow outwards, camouflaging wider hips. Short dresses will balance out broad shoulders by fuller shorter skirt balancing out the high waisted bodice.

3) Aline– Wider at hem line than the hips great for all body types and perfect for camouflaging full hips. This shape will nip in at the waist and flow outwards from hips. Creating an hourglass shape.

4) Mermaid/ Fishtails– Not only are these the height of Fashion at the minute. They look great on hourglass shapes, by hugging the curves til around about knee length, this will show off you curves. The flared out bottom with even out proportioned Hips.

5) Ballgown/ Fuller dress– This shape is perfect for nearly every shape. Giving the princess look these dresses will define your waist, from the bodice downwards it will flow out, into a very full skirt, hiding everything from the waist down. Great for if you dont want to show off your figure!

6) Sheath– Hip and hem width are equal and is great for rectangle, inverted triangle, and hourglass body types. The soft flowing fabric will create curves where needed by evening out the body shape.