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We have realised at Copplestones there happens to be a bit of confusion when it comes to finding the right style for your figure. We understand that you need to look fabulous on your big day and the best place to start is finding that shape that is going to make your figure look fabulous and we are here to help you look your best!

First things first you need to decide what shape your body is… Then let us help you with the rest.

>Are your shoulders wider than your hips?
You have an ‘inverted triangle’ shape!

>Are your shoulders, waist and hips all about the same width?
You have a ‘Rectangle/Column’ shape!

>Are your bust and hips about the same width with a smaller waist?
You have an ‘hourglass’ shape!

>Do you have a curvy figure with wider hips and thighs?
You have a ‘triangle/ pear shaped’ shape!

Now you have found your shape here is what we Recommend for you :

>Inverted triangle – For this shape we recommend: Mermaid, ballgown or short styles. These styles will balance out wider shoulders.

>Rectangle/Column – For this shape we recommend: Aline, sheath or Empire styles. We believe these styles give the appearance of curves to a straight figure.

>Hourglass – This is a fantastic shape, we recommend highlighting those curves with: mermaid, sheath or Ballgown.

>Triangle/Pear – Another great shape! We recommend nothing to clingy around the hips and thighs but you still want to make your curves stand out with: Aline, ballgowns or Empire.

This should help you with what to look at when hunting for the dress of your dreams!
If you want to look into these styles further please see our blog describing the styles and how this will help your figure look great!!!