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Autumn has well and truly taken over Liverpool this week.  The weather at Saturdays food & drink festival was glorious.  It was like the scouse summer saying ‘here you go, have this and that’s your lot for the year’.  This week has been cold at night although I’m refusing to put the heating on.  The mornings have been a autumn fresh which has resulted in the boy being sent to school with his warm coat on only to be picked up at 3pm in his t-shirt with his coat over his head.  I love the autumn if I’m honest.  I love the smells, the colours, the weather, the clothes.  Autumn clothes cover all the bits you don’t want people to see don’t they?!!

Now that Autumn has kicked in we start to see a lot more girls through the door at Copplestones Bridal.  Summer is unofficial wedding season, I’ve been to 3 this year! Now everyone’s got the wedding attending out of the way it’s time to get their own nuptials sorted for next summer.   It’s usually about this time of year I start seeing emails from brides asking if we stock dresses suitable for weddings in hot places.  Getting married abroad is becoming more and more popular.  I went to a gorgeous wedding in the south of France in June, my sister is going to a similar affair next year and a chap I worked with in France is getting married in Barcelona next year.

Why are destination weddings on the up?

One of the key factors is affordability.  We all know that 69% of statistics are made up so you have to take the average UK wedding cost statistic with a pinch of rock salt but its supposedly somewhere in the region of £20k.  The average destination wedding costs reportedly, a lot less.  Its glaringly obvious if you get married in Antigua you are going to have significantly less guests RSVPing yes than if you get married in the hotel down the road.  If you get married in the heart of wine country the cost per head is going to fall because your wedding booze is cheaper.  The pound is stronger(ish) at the moment so you’ll get more for your money abroad especially if you’re getting married in a town that’s economy relies on tourism.  They want you to get married in their hotel or on their beach, its good for business so they’ll do you a good deal to bring you, your family and big spending friends over.

The weather is a big draw for a lot of folk.  If you get married Sorrento in July there’s a fair chance its going to be warm.  I got married outdoors in the UK and spent 3 months before the wedding glued to every weather app on my phone.

The big tour operators are offering wedding packages all over the world.  Pop in Thomas Cook, book your wedding, sit back and wait, its all done for you.  How easy is that?

Anyway, I’ve gone off on one a bit there.  Like I was saying, its this time of year I get a lot of emails from girls who want to know if we stock dresses suitable for a destination wedding.  The answer of course is YES!

If you are getting married on a beach a Grecian style is very popular but just because that’s what everyone else is wearing it doesn’t mean you have to.  You probably don’t want the heaviest ‘big fat gypsy wedding’ dress you can find, it may get a little toasty but a princess style dress looks amazing against the backdrop of white sands and blue sea.

Fishtails are very popular in the UK right now and are just as popular on the rooftops of Barcelona and in the churches of Marbella’s old town.  When it cools down a little later on, a bolero is the ideal accessory.

If your looking for dress ideas just take a look at some of the pictures below that our lovely brides have sent us from Florida, Sorrento and other stunning destinations.







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I’ve rambled enough for today but just before I go I wanted to wish a happy 5th anniversary to friends of Copplestones Danny & Debbie.  They had a beautiful destination in The Lusty Beg, Boa Island in Fermanagh.  We all had an absolutely fantastic weekend.  Lots of great memories.  I’m sure you’ll agree Debbie looks gorgeous!