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Hi ladies,

Recently we’ve had many brides asking us how do you choose your wedding dress. Here at Copplestones we believe the best way in finding the ‘one’ is trying on different styles, shapes and colours to see what suits your body the best!
We find that 9 out of 10 of our brides come into the store with ideas and pictures of the type of dress they want and leave the shop purchasing a gown completely different to that.

When choosing your gown you firstly have to find the shape that suits your body.

Empire shapes are great for all body types and perfect for triangle, inverted triangle body types. The high waisted bodice in this shape will come in around your waist and the long skirt will make you look taller and give the illusion of curves to a straight figure.

Princess line gowns will bring you in at the waist and flow outwards, camouflaging wider hips.

Tea length dresses have taken the bridal industry by storm in the last few months and are tipped to be the best sellers in on coming season. They are brilliant for the broader lady as they balance out the shoulders and the fuller shorter skirt draws attention to the high waisted bodice, which is very flattering, giving the bridal a smaller waist. Very Audrey Hepburn!

Aline gowns are flattering on all body types. They have wider hem lines than the hips great for all body types and perfect for camouflaging full hips. This shape will nip in at the waist and flow outwards from hips. Creating an hourglass shape.

Mermaid/ Fishtails are not only are these the height of Fashion at the minute. They look great on hourglass shapes, by hugging the curves til around about knee length, this will show off you curves. The flared out bottom with even out proportioned Hips.

Ballgown/ Fuller dress- This shape is perfect for nearly every shape. Giving the princess look these dresses will define your waist, from the bodice downwards it will flow out, into a very full skirt, hiding everything from the waist down. Great for hiding all lumps and bumps!

Sheath- Hip and hem widths are equal and are great for rectangle, inverted triangle, and hourglass body types. The soft flowing fabric will create curves where needed by evening out the body shape.

Once you have chosen the style of dress, next is the colour of the gown. Many people select the colour of the dress by the colour of their hair, the darker the hair the whiter/lighter the dress. However, this is often a flawed way of making the decision. The actual thing that should dictate the colour of the dress is your skin tone.

Diamond white gowns are more suited to ladies with a darker skin tone, we find that if you are of a paler skin tone then the bright white can wash your skin an look very draining.

Ivory gowns are flattering on most skin tones especially ladies with paler skin as they are not as harsh of a contrast on the skin as a bright white is.

Not every bride wants to wear white or ivory on their wedding day, at Copplestones we have a wide range of dress in all colours, most suiting all skin tones.

We hope that this information will help you in choosing your dress at Copplestones, we have over 600 dresses in store ranging from £49-£799.