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Embroidered Edge Two Tier Tulle Veil

Embroidered Edge Two Tier Tulle Veil

Top Tips for Choosing Your Wedding Veil

Are you going to wear a veil on your wedding day? We consider the dos and don’ts ………


The moment you put on your veil is often the moment you feel most like a bride and, after your wedding dress, it is probably the most defining aspect of your appearance as you walk down the aisle.

The perfect veil often depends on the bridal gown you choose, as well as your personality. There are any number of veils to choose from. You can opt for a cathedral-length and feel like a like a princess. Something more modern, then perhaps go short. It is important the veil suits the wedding dress and makes the most impact so consider the following before making your choice.


Think About Your Dress. The most important consideration is selecting a veil that complements your dress. Consider the focal points on your wedding dress. If there is an embellished bust panel then select a veil that is either short to show off the detail, or a longer sheer veil through which the detail shows through.


The level of decoration on your dress. In general a simple dress can suit an elaborate veil and a simple veil can look more flattering with a highly embellished gown. If you choose a veil with embellishments such as beads, crystals, sequins or lace, do not aim to match those on your dress – they should merely complement each other.


Bridal gowns come in a tremendous number of styles these days, and your veil needs to fit with the style. So consider things like length, width, tiers, and amount of decoration when choosing. Also check the view from behind. If the back of your gown is important to you, then choose a very sheer veil of just one or two layers of tulle or pick a more appropriate veil length.


If your gown has a train but doesn’t have a lot detail on the back, you can pretty much wear any type of veil. Most popular by far though, is a cathedral length veil which creates a dramatic, ethereal look.  Make sure the veil is longer than the train, particularly if the train is heavily embellished. A cathedral style veil is the ultimate show stopper if you are having a formal wedding in a large church, but make sure you have the room to show off a long trailing veil and you may need attendants to assist.

Cathedral Length Full lace edged wedding veil

Cathedral Length Full lace edged wedding veil

Generally speaking the shorter the dress, the shorter the veil. For a tea length wedding dress, a multiple layer veil in a shorter length looks perfect. Typically shoulder length veils are around 20 inches (50.8 cm) long and perfectly suit dresses that have a lot of details in the bust and waist areas.

satin edge ivory wedding veil

satin edge ivory wedding veil

Waist length veils are approximately 25-30 inches (63.5-76 cm) long and can work well with ball gown style dresses, because their length finishes where the fullness of the ball gown skirt begins. They suit most dress styles.


Fingertip length veils are one of the most popular lengths – they reach your fingertips when you stretch your arms out and are approximately 36 inches (91.4 cm) long and also suit the majority of dress styles. For a beach wedding a fingertip length veil in a light chiffon is great when you want the veil flowing in the wind but not to be too bulky.


If you going to wear a veil that covers your face during your ceremony make sure it will flip over your head for the all important kiss-the-bride moment.


And finally do you want a veil at all? Dazzling tiaras, fresh flowers, birdcages, hairpins and of course just beautifully styled hair are just a few of the options. Traditionally a veil is worn to protect the bride from evil spirits but now it is a beautiful addition to your look. It’s a personal choice to take care over but remember it is something you’ll never have do again (hopefully!)


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Wedding Veil - Beaded Edge

Wedding Veil – Beaded Edge

Cathedral Length Veil Embroidered Lace

Cathedral Length Veil Embroidered Lace


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