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So you’re a bridesmaid! Besides sharing your friend’s fantastic wedding day, there’s all sorts of fun to be had beforehand, from the hen-do to the bridal shower.

Bridesmaid Dresses Liverpool

Bridesmaid Dresses Liverpool

The dress….

OK, you might only wear the dress once but it’s the brides wedding and here are a few rules you should try to follow when heading out to your bridal salon.

Firstly the choice of dress is down to the bride

Have an open mind and repeat “It’s not my wedding”! Don’t get anxious about what your bride-to-be is looking for. Have an open mind as to which style and colour and try on whatever your friend wants. If you come out of the changing room and it doesn’t work, the bride should realise. Put on the dress and you look totally fabulous and she will see that it does.

Follow the Bride

With a whole range of choices, it’s easy to find something for everyone, whether short & chic with skirts that move with ease from the ceremony to the dance floor or long & lovely with hemlines that touch the floor and give a graceful feel that’s a little more formal. But what does the bride want? Does she want everyone in chiffon, or is she open to a variety of fabrics and blend of complimentary styles? Is there a length she’d prefer? The palette is something the bride has probably thought about for some time. An informal look can created by having different dress styles in one shade or the reverse approach is one style of dress in a mixed spectrum of similar shades can also work well.


Make sure you’re wearing suitable underwear and maybe put a strapless bra into your handbag, so you’ll be able to try on any colour or neckline.


Talk to the bride about any financial difficulties you might face, as bridesmaids dress prices can range tremendously.


But what if you totally hate the dress? Try to keep strong feelings to yourself but try to hint at what you don’t like, whether it’s a colour or a way too revealing neckline – you might either be able to find a solution with alterations or lead the bride in a new direction.

Whatever happens, the whole party should feel beautiful and comfortable – make sure you enjoy the whole experience!

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