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Here at Copplestones Bridal we think every bride to be is beautiful and deserves to feel that way on her big day.   Over the years we have developed knowledge in certain areas where other bridal salons may fall short.

I’ve just been told that over the past couple of months 15% of the dresses we have sold have been size 16 and 15% size 20 to 30. That’s a lot of dresses going to girls that do not fall into the ‘traditional’ size range.

Most traditional salons will have a selection of sample dresses for you to try on. This is great providing you fall into the traditional sample size, 12, or if you are lucky, 14. If you happen to be 6,8 or 10 you may get bundled into a the sample dress which will then be pegged around your frame so you can get a rough idea what the gown will look like in your size. If you happen to be 14+ this is where you can get a little stuck. We have heard horror stories of the brides slimmer friend being asked to model the dress in front of the bride who’s then told “this it what you’ll look like in this dress!?!?!?”.

Copplestones however has always carried an extensive range of dresses for the fuller figure in store. Not only are our plus size dresses no more expensive than the other sizes in stock, you can try them on so you know what they look like on YOU! Through our work with the curvier bride the Copplestones team have developed a deeper understanding of what is required of us when helping the plus size ladies find the ideal wedding dress for them. Our relaxed sales environment is often ideal for those who do not wish to be paraded around the shop or for those girls who are not comfortable shopping for a wedding dress. Most of our plus size range has been specially selected to flatter the fuller figure and our seamstresses have a great deal of experience in altering dresses to hide the bumps and curves you don’t want anyone to see.

It doesn’t matter to us whether you’ve got big boobs, little legs or a nice round bum, we don’t think your shape should stop you from trying on wedding dresses.   If you want to be left alone to try on dresses in private then by all means work away but if you want our girls to help you find the perfect dress then you just have to ask!

Here’s just a small selection of our curvier brides from the past couple of years.  For more of our real brides please take a look at our website or Facebook page.