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Designer Wedding Dresses


Copplestones Bridal have one of the most extensive collection of Designer Wedding Dresses in the North West of England with over 60 dresses in sizes 16-30 to try on at each boutique.  Our gowns are priced from £199 to £1499. Our team has a large amount of collective experience and we’ve created a list of the best advice to help you when buying a Wedding Dress:-

1. What size dresses does the store have to try on?

This is the most important point when planning your wedding dress shopping trip. Most salons can only afford to carry one sample gown per design and it is usually a size 12 so how will you be able to see them on and whether they suit you? Impossible! Pick up the phone and ring in advance and tell them your size (no shame, no apologies) and ask them what samples they carry that would fit you. [Blowing our own trumpet – we have over 60 dresses in sizes 16-32 to try on]

2. The sales consultant has a wealth of experience.

Part of what you’re paying for is your consultant’s expertise. Work with them to find a dress that is great for you. Ask questions, ask for suggestions and ideas, ask for opinions. They know their wedding dresses and which will suit. Put it all together to find something perfect for you.

3. Don’t get hung up about the size.

Wedding dress sizes are not the same as high street dress shop sizes, and we find that our brides tend to need a size or two bigger than their usual high street size, depending on the style of the gown.  Ignore the number on the tag and concentrate on “does it fit”.

4. Can you alter the dress, add sleeves, etc.

Not every strapless ball-gown is going to flatter your boobs, or arms, or whatever and there are lots of sleeveless and strapless dresses out there. Often all it takes is for sleeves or a bolero to be added to make such a dress perfect. Dresses can be shortened, lace-up backs added and support put in. Don’t be afraid to ask for alterations and how much they will cost.

5. No “body shaming” permitted.

There are stories of stores who generally body shame you and imply you need to lose weight before the wedding. “No I’m not, and it’s none of your business” is the correct answer – full stop! Whether you diet or not is entirely up to you and how you feel.

6. Styles that suit.

Try on as many dresses as you can to see what suits you and be prepared to have your expectations challenged!  You’d be surprised how many brides that come in with a set shape in mind leave with something completely different – it’s really worth trying different shapes and styles to see what works for you.  

Wedding dresses can look really different on a hanger than they do on your body, so try, try, try!

7. Enjoy yourself. Be confident.

You are going to look beautiful on your wedding day, and there is the ideal dress just waiting for you. You don’t get to buy a wedding dress every day so you deserve to have some fun when you do. This is one of your most important times of your life… have a great time!


We have about 20 different styles of wedding dress for the curvier bride (click to see some of them) and we have dresses to try on ranging from 16 – 30 which you can buy immediately or we can order in. Our seamstresses are probably the best in the business and will make sleeves, add a lace jacket and a complete range of alterations.

We have brides visit from all over the country and from overseas and we recommend you visit by booking an appointment (click here) at the earliest opportunity. We look forward to seeing you.

Have a look at our brides’ reviews here but as an example:

“I first came to see Annie last November feeling very low in confidence and totally out of my depth at starting to look for a bridal dress as I am no spring chicken @ 56 !!!.and no size 10 ! nearer a 24. Lets just say being an older bride to be and not wanting to look ridiculous was at the top of my list. However Annie was wonderful along with Maxine who have helped me to feel more confident each time I have visited. I brought along my daughter and my best friend and tried on numerous dresses until I found the one that I wanted. I paid for my dress and left this with them so that alterations and nips and tweaks can be fulfilled.The choices are amazing and their knowledge outstanding as to helping you achieve the perfect bridal gown.Now 3+ stone lighter and getting nearer to my target I look forward to my last fitting the beginning of May. I have two sons and would recommend both my daughter in laws to be will check them out when they start looking.Big thumbs up from me. Fab ladies wonderful service.” Kim

 Click here for our see some of our Wedding Dresses  or here to Book an Appointment

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