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February, 2018

Dress Shopping
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It’s time to shop for your wedding dress!

Shopping for your wedding dress is a really special time, but it’s not something you do every day. It can be daunting knowing where and when to start, who and what to take with you – here at Copplestones Bridal we find a lot of brides have worries or questions before they come and see us. At our Liverpool and Chester store we have years of experience in helping brides find their perfect gown, and wanted to put some hints and pointers together to put your mind to ease before you arrive.  Take a look at our top tips and feel free to comment with your own.

Time to find ‘The One”

Photo by Charisse Kenion on Unsplash

Plan a budget.

Realistically there’s not much point trying on gowns that are way out of your price range. It can be disheartening , for every couple of hundred you go over budget you will then have to compromise with a different dress, or make sacrifices elsewhere. Once you add on alterations, shoes, and accessories it can start to add up. When you are also limited to an hour appointment time is of the essence, so have a price in mind and don’t be afraid to tell your bridal consultant. They’ll know the vast range of dresses inside out and will be able to help you select the best dress for your budget. There may also be financing options available in price plans, and here at Copplestones Bridal we are one of the few bridal stores to offer interest free credit allowing you to spread the cost up to two years after the wedding if you want to.

“All brides want to look their best on their wedding day and feel at their most confident.

Amanda Wyatt

Plan Ahead.

Have a look at Facebook pages and websites for ideas on which boutiques may be best for you to visit, or pop along for a look through their rails to get an idea of price and the ranges they have before you book in to try dresses on.  It can be tempting to visit every bridal shop in your area, and you may be encouraged to have a ‘day out’ with your friends to visit 5 or more shops, but choosing 2-3 to start can be a better approach.  After 3 hours or more of trying on dresses, you may start to tire and begin to forget which was your favourite.   Find a day when you and your party are all free, and make appointments in your favourite places – remember to leave breathing room between the visits for a coffee and chat about what you’ve seen so far.


Plan a realistic timeframe.

Take the less stressful approach and give yourself as much time as possible. Some dresses can take up to 8 months to arrive and then you’ll need a few weeks for your alterations.  So 10 months to a year ahead is perfect timing.  Don’t panic if you have less than that, we have several fast track options and our “ready to go’ range is extensive. We’ve been able to help brides with as little as a few weeks until the big day!

‘Your dress is waiting for you”

Photo by Charisse Kenion on Unsplash

Bianco Evento Veils

Book an appointment.

Most bridal stores will be happy for you to drop in and have a look through the range, and at our stores we’ll always let you try on dresses if we can.  To guarantee an hour’s slot with a consultant and space in a dedicated changing room, you really will benefit from making an appointment. Take a look at our booking page here


Choose the right appointment time to suit your needs.

The busiest day for any bridal store will be a Saturday, and it can be a really great atmosphere with fizz flowing and brides buzzing in and out of the changing rooms.  However, if you prefer a quieter time then a weekday is worth considering. If you are nervous at all then we will always accommodate a private appointment.  We also open both our stores on a Sunday, and Thursday evenings (by appointment only).


Tailor your audience.

Our advice is to limit the people you bring with you to three maximum, and there’s a reason for that.  Often every friend and relative has an idea of what they want for you, which may be affected by their own tastes.  You’ll never please everyone if you bring all your 8 bridesmaids, so choose a wedding dress that makes you feel beautiful and comfortable on your wedding day.  Remember; it’s your day and your dress!    We find that brides who bring one or two trusted people find it much easier to hone in on the perfect dress for them.  Ask someone along whose opinion you value, who will be honest, and who knows you well.  Remember we’re always happy for you to come back with more people to show them the dress once you’ve chosen it. 


Bring the right things with you.

Good underwear and shoes are essential, and a strapless bra can be a good item to bring along if you have one.  We have boxes to stand on, but if you would rather get a better idea of height then a shoe similar to the one you plan to wear would be a good idea.  Also, bring something along to pay with – when you find your dream dress, then go for it.  Have a think beforehand about how you intend to pay for your dress and make sure you’re ready to put down a deposit to secure your gown.  


Which styles should I try?

Fancy a mermaid tail, try it!? Chances are you’ll probably leave in the complete opposite, but being able to completely rule out one style is key. There aren’t that many silhouettes to choose from; the main goal is to find the one that suits your body shape. Have a look at our helpful guide to give you a better idea.  Once your silhouette has been found then you can start finding the right fabric, embellishments, and variations. So there you have it. Now you know what to do it’s time to find your perfect wedding dress! Good luck!

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